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A client told us recently that the creativity and innovation workshops that we do are very much ‘hands on’ type – not like, he said, those from some other trainers who take about three hours to simply define creativity.

With a team of inventors on board, PeerTech know first-hand a thing or two about inventing. Companies across India invite us to work with them on systematizing their creative and innovative efforts. The results are immediately evident from the large number of innovative ideas and solutions that come out of such collaborative efforts.

As our trainers are also registered patent agents, the participants of our workshops benefit from advice on how to protect their innovative ideas.

We feature regularly on the CII (Confederation Of Indian Industries) training circuit. We also provide customized in-house training.

A Workshop On Creativity And Innovation For Survival And Growth

This is the original workshop designed by Prof. S. D. Tase. Larsen and Toubro (L&T) alone has carried out over 100 of these workshops at a number of their sites across India. The workshop teaches practical methods of systematic creativity to:

  • Develop new product and processes
  • Increase organizational productivity
  • Problem solving

The workshop uses case studies developed from our own experience of providing consulting services to a wide range of industry and also experiences shared with us by our fellow professionals. Participants of the workshop learn the techniques disclosed during the workshop through group exercises.

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    A Workshop Generating Patentable Ideas

    We developed this workshop in response to the continued requests from fellow professionals to share with them our experiences in the field of patents. We realized that people are keenly interested in protecting their ideas, however not all ideas can pass the patentability criteria. The workshop therefore works on methods of systematic idea generation with a special focus on meeting patentability criteria. We will share with you our ideas on:

    • Identification of problems worth tackling
    • Techniques of creativity and innovation
    • Patentability criteria
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