Creativity and Innovation

Threat or competition to a nation is not from China. The real threat to any economy is from insufficient innovativeness. Businesses across the world often find it easy to become competitive but they find it equally hard to innovate. We remove the glamour, mist, and the myth surrounding creativity and innovation and help you understand that creativity can be systematic and methodic. through our workshops on creativity and innovation we work with you on learning tools of systematic creativity and innovation and applying them for generating ideas and solving problems.

We have all heard that all of us are creative. The problem is nobody teaches us what that means in real life and how to exercise our creativity practically. The situation is worse in professional life. All roles require creative people – except at the university they do not teach us how to be creative! So while the truth is all of us can be quite creative, most of us have to be satisfied with pretending we are creative.

Despite the use of systematic tools, there is no pretending that creativity is easy. We make you see that creativity lies in smallest of the things but that it is hard work. We make you realize that there’s no magic wand and that it’s not about glamour. Once you've accepted these basic truths, it is easy to get on with the real business of creativity.

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  • Generating patentable ideas

    Patents are not granted only to deep, meaningful, groundbreaking, fantastical inventions. They are granted for inventions that will make a person with average skill in the field of invention say ‘wow’.

    A lot of people would balk at the view that patentable ideas, and in fact a lot of creative ideas, can be generated through a systematic approach. Key to generating patentable ideas would be understanding the rules of patenting game and marrying it with methods of creativity.

    All the talk about patents being legal matter is of course true, however, it all falls into place once you have generated the right ideas. The crux of the matter is idea generation. It's really that simple - well, it would definitely be simple once you’ve learnt how to generate ideas.

    Our training workshop on ‘how to generate patentable ideas’ was developed in response to the popular demand to provide simple techniques of generating patentable ideas.

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