PeerTech was founded to help professionals across the world to create, protect and disseminate information.

We work with you on:

Through our consultancy and training services we work with you on generating ideas and assessing them for patentability, drafting patent applications, and on communicating better.


Invent and Innovate:

Our award winning inventors know the value of invention and innovation. Through our workshops on creativity and innovation, we systematize the proceses of idea generation and problem solving.

Protect Through Patents:

Creation of intellectual property is fundamental to safeguarding your valuable ideas. With the insight we bring to your ideas and inventions, you can rest assured you will get more than just patents when we work on your patents projects.

Business and Communication


Many professionals cannot communicate adequately, let alone well. In today's fast-paced business world, opportunities are lost due to poor communication in Our workshops business communication skills will show you ways of communicating clearly and effectively.